Making Connections - Meet Our Residents!

Fairing Way’s vibrant 55 plus community is growing quickly as more people choose homes in this intergenerational neighborhood within Union Point.

Welcome to "The Neighbor's Corner"! Many of tour residents are artists at heart. Learn more about how they express their creativity — you might be surprised with the ways in which some of our residents create their art!


Featured Residents:

The Artists of Fairing Way

Jim Thomas

Jim has carved out a reputation as an artist in the Fairing Way community … literally! He can work wonders with a bar of soap. Bunnies, pumpkins, sandcastles, moccasins, you name it — Jim has carved these items into soap at one point or another and gifted them to his friends and family. He laughed when asked whether the gift recipients actually use the soap carvings: “some do, some don’t,” he said.

As a ten-year-old, Jim once complained to his mother about being bored. She responded by handing him a bar of Ivory soap and challenging him to make something out of it. Little did she know, she had just handed her son what would become a life-long passion.

But Jim’s artistic talents aren’t limited to carving soap. He is also skilled at creating something out of nothing with pencil and charcoal. This gray form of art has become a specialty of his — one bred from the fact that he is colorblind and shies away from using color in his art as a result.






Elaine Lacroix

Moving to Fairing Way has finally given Elaine the chance to make art her first priority. She is constantly expanding her artistic repertoire by taking classes offered at the community and is skilled in working in a variety of mediums, including watercolor, colored pencils, pen and ink.

Elaine looks forward to the Tuesday morning art group at Fairing Way where she gets to collaborate with her fellow residents and draw inspiration from their work, as well as study new techniques. She’s currently trying to master the use of watercolor pencils; it hasn’t been easy, but she says she is having fun trying to learn the techniques!

Meredith Ferguson

Life at Fairing Way and the attractions of Union Point keep Meredith busy, but she always makes time for her art when she can. Meredith took art classes all through her school years. Even when her children were young, she found time to take adult art education classes, as well as participate in the performing arts parents committee at her children’s schools.

Her love of art has never wavered. She continues to take art classes and has continued to create art using graphite, her favorite medium, but has also renewed her interest in creating with watercolor. At Fairing Way, Meredith has found a community of people who appreciate the arts as much as she does. She enjoys getting to know the other artists in the community and has even visited galleries and attended festivals in the area with some of her fellow residents.

Phyllis Bettle

Years ago, one of the members of the women’s club that Phyllis attended began offering weekly classes for fellow members of the club to learn how to paint using oils. Phyllis took the woman up on her offer, and in the process, found her most cherished means for expressing her creativity. It’s been more than 25 years since she first began painting with oils and she enjoys it now more than ever.

Phyllis has always been crafty and enjoys expanding her artistic arsenal whenever she has the opportunity. Since coming to Fairing Way, she has dabbled in creating with water color, which she admits she’s “still getting used to,’ as well as a new type of water-based oil paint. Phyllis’s favorite part about life at Fairing Way is that she has more opportunities to work on her art and take classes, as well as get to know the other artists in the community.