Making Connections - Meet Our Residents!

Fairing Way’s vibrant 55 plus community is growing quickly as more people choose homes in this intergenerational neighborhood within Union Point.

Welcome to “The Neighbor’s Corner"! Check out Janice's story below - she'll explain why she wanted to join the fast-growing and diverse Fairing Way 55 plus community.


Featured Resident:

Janice Lincoln

Hometown: Marshfield, MA 

Janice has lived at Fairing Way since the community first opened in September 2016. Prior to Fairing Way, Janice lived in Marshfield for 50 years with her husband, bringing up their four children there. Her husband’s passing left her alone in the house, and that was fine for a few years. But eventually Janice became overwhelmed with the burden of home maintenance, and the remote location it was in. 

Janice's Introduction to Fairing Way

One day she received a postcard in the mail, advertising Fairing Way. She did a little research, and discovered that it was being built in a new master-planned city on the grounds of the former Weymouth Naval Air Base. Two of her children live in Weymouth, so the location was appealling to her.

She made an appointment to visit the community with her daughter, and had the feeling she should bring her checkbook with her…and she was glad she did. After meeting with us, and seeing the plans for our (at the time unbuilt) community, Janice made her deposit that day. 

Why Janice Chose Fairing Way

The main reasons Fairing Way appealed to Janice were the a la carte dining plan, the location and the pricing. Janice loves to cook, and liked the idea of not being locked into a meal plan. The location was convenient to her family, and the city-like environment of Union Point reminded her of her childhood in Dorchester. She also loves that Fairing Way is in a regular neighborhood where she sees people of all ages when she steps outside her door. She had spent some time determining what should could afford in a retirement community, and was happy to discover that Fairing Way was an affordable option.

Life at Fairing Way

At Fairing Way, Janice feels part of a community of supportive neighbors who look out for each other. She also loves that there are so many activities you can take part in – she enjoys working out on the Nautilus machines in the fitness center, and also playing Rummicube with her new friends. She is a very social person who can be found at most gatherings and celebrations. “If you want company, it’s there," she says. "But if not, people respect your privacy, and I like that.”

Janice is giving back to Fairing Way, by acting as one of our Resident Ambassadors, who help out with events and give tours to prospective residents. Janice will often share her story at our open house events, and frequently gives tours of her beautiful new apartment home at Fairing Way. When asked how she feels about life in the community, she said, “Moving to Fairing Way is the best decision I ever made.”