Long Term Care Options

Dwyer Home is proud to offer individualized nursing care and assistance with activities of daily living, supplemented with professional services such as dentistry, podiatry, optometry and rehabilitation services.  In this unique community, each resident will be supported to remain as independent as possible, leading a meaningful life with dignity.  Our caring staff supports patients' needs in a homelike environment while ensuring they remain active and engaged.

Fresh, home cooked meals are offered in our elegant dining room and other smaller dining areas.  A variety of stimulating activities will be available 7 days a week through our Therapeutic Recreation department.  The calendar will include current event discussions, picnics, education and fitness programs, live entertainment and special events.

Although, Dwyer Home (formerly known as Rice Eventide) is known for its outstanding long term care, our reputation also includes our short term rehabilitation care too!  If you recently had surgery or are recovering from an illness, you can benefit from the services Dwyer Home has to offer.

To inquire about our long term care options or our short term rehabilitation services, please call us at 781-660-5035.