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South Shore Senior Community Hosted De-Cluttering Event

by Rita Briggs

Fairing Way, a 55 plus apartment community, recently hosted, Cleaning Out: The Heavy Price of Clutter, a seminar for South Shore seniors. We had a great turn-out, learned a ton and enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Holiday Inn in Rockland.

Sallie Felton, a well-known Motivational Speaker/Transition Specialist/Author (her accolades go on and on) shared with us her knowledge about just where to begin when de-cluttering and how to keep yourself motivated to keep going! Following Sallie’s presentation, Kate Curran from Moving Station shared with us details about “Moving Made Easy” a program exclusive to our South Shore 55+ community. Seniors left with their brains chock-full of fantastic advice and information.

Sallie’s Tips

First you need to understand: What are the 3 types of clutter?

  • Mental Clutter - “To-do” lists (personal/professional)
  • Physical Clutter - Environment, Furniture, Knick-Knacks, Digital Technology, Paper
  • Emotional Clutter – Of the Heart, Unresolved Issues, Relationships, Worry, Change, Letting Go

Now that you have identified the 3 types, just where do you begin and how do you remove the clutter? Thanks to Sallie, the de-cluttering process was broken down into manageable segments. 

  • Mental – Delegate, Say “No”, Make Small Doable Lists
  • Physical – Keep Only What You Really LOVE! Scale Down, Donate to Family/Friends, EBay, Craigslist Etc…
  • Emotional – Write a letter, Email, Talk, Forgive, Let Go

Sounds simple, right? Staying motivated is easy when you set realistic goals and reward yourself for a job well done. For more great tips, contact Jodi or Linda at (781) 812-1357 or send a message through the web.  

Ready to Start? Moving Made Easy

After Sallie had taken some of the scary out of de-cluttering, event attendees learned how to take advantage of our 55+ community’s exclusive program to help seniors move with ease!

Did you know that Fairing Way has a program that can help you sell your home at the maximum price, secure professional help with moving, and even line up temporary housing if needed? Kate said the “Moving Made Easy” program saves people money and time. From her description, it definitely saves stress. She said the key is to break the entire move down into manageable steps and be sure to ask for help. It makes the sometimes overwhelming process of moving feel like a seamless transition. Who doesn’t like easy?  

To learn more about Moving Made Easy, CLICK HERE.

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