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Flag Day Ceremony at Fairing Way

by Jessica Ferreira

The American flag represents the life of an indivudal who has given military service. To many, it is an honor to hold, fold and see it every day, including Flag Day.

The Flag Day Ceremony at Fairing Way to honor both the flag alongside the veterans who reside at Fairing Way couldn't have made the spectators prouder!  Both the residents and staff joined together to put on this event and what an event it was!

As George Pontes and Vincent Fontaine, the Weymouth and Rockland Directors of Veterans Services, gently unfolded and began to raise the flag, there was a prideful silence in the crowd.  Then we all pledged allegiance and sang the National Anthem and "It's A Grand Old Flag" together. 

We listened humbly to all the veterans explain what the flag meant to them. Emotions of both honor and respect could be felt in the air from all of the spectators. It was an honor to be in the presence of these brave men while our flag waved it's red, white and blue. 

A special thanks for the generous help of George Pontes, Weymouth's director of veteran’s services, Christine Nash- Activities Director, Joyce Haglund, chief executive office of Fairing Way/Rice Eventide at Union Point, residents Betty Beecher, Bill Bates, and many others for executing such a meaningful tribute to our nation's flag and veterans.  

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